Random Acts of Kindness: Generous neighbors provide string of good meals for Delmont woman

On the first Sunday of the “lockdown,” my neighbor, Jill Cassidy, called to ask if I would like a Grab & Go turkey dinner from The Lamplighter.

She and her partner, Mick McFarland, were getting them for their own dinner, and thought I might enjoy one, too.

I am in a wheelchair and no longer have a car, so I gladly accepted. When I tried to pay them for the dinner, they refused. That meal fed me for two days and provided a sandwich as well. Quite a bounty.

On the following Tuesday, Jill called again. They were going to do Grab & Go, and would I like a meal? “Only if I pay for it,” I said, but Jill refused, saying she had received an unexpected bonus from work, and this was how she intended to use it.

What Jill didn’t realize was that I was suffering a painful bout of tendinitis, and my energy level to put together a decent meal was close to zero. I told her this as I thanked her, and for several days throughout the next month, she and Mick brought meals from The Lamplighter and Manor Grill.

On two occasions, Mick brought meals he had made — and that man can cook! Each drop-off provided food for two or three days, and really helped in my recovery. And they wouldn’t accept a penny of payment.

Generosity and kindness like this are so unexpected in today’s world and impossible to reciprocate. My mother always said the good you do will come back to you, and in my 71 years, I have found that to be true.

So Jill and Mick have a boatload of good coming to them because I know they did the same thing for other neighbors as well. Such neighbors are more than a blessing.